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If you feel discomfort after eating,
bouts of colic, flatulence, indigestion ...

What you need to do today
within 3 days – before
a doctor tries to scare you

„Even a short break in the function of this organ can mean that the blood is no longer being filtered, and toxic substances begin to flow through the entire body. Within a few dozen hours after this one organ stops working, massive organ failure and even death can occur. This is what you need to know in order to protect your health and save your life – before it’s too late”

Łukasz D. King

* * *
reporter of Mapa Zdrowia

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Dear Reader

There are no sharp pains like with your heart, it doesn’t hurt like your stomach – that’s why most of us don’t even know that there is something wrong with our livers. When the pain finally does come, the destruction may have already reached 70%, and the chances for recovery are slight.

“Only 1 in 100,000 people has a fully healthy and clean liver. The rest of us must be careful every day, as the liver is our greatest treasure,” Dr Jack Tips

When the liver becomes ill, it stops filtering blood, and immediately begins to let toxins in. These flow along with the blood and quickly reach the furthest corners of our bodies. And they quickly begin to poison us.

It gets harder and harder to gather thoughts. Next is a deterioration of memory and concentration. Then comes pulsating pain, increasing with every beat of the heart.

It’s like mushroom poisoning,
only it lasts longer


Highly processed drinks.


Modern eating habits.

Everything acts like poisonous mushrooms. Every day!

It’s as if you were to eat a candy bar with the wrapper still on it. Can you digest plastic wrap? Or an apple from the trash bin?

Although daily meals give us energy, their ingredients can be highly contaminated and packed with preservatives – chemicals which would instantly poison the body if it weren’t for the liver – almost like a toadstool.

You might think that I’m exaggerating. But I don’t need to convince you, just take a look ...

Why food can harm us

Take a look at the label of any food product from the typical grocer’s – what do you see?

EXAMPLE: „Turkey ham” – E450, E451, E508, E331 (stabilizers), E407, E425 (thickening agents), pork collagen protein, glucose, maltodextrin, E621 (flavour enhancer), aromas, E316 (antioxidant), artificial smoke flavour, E250 (preservative).

So you think you know what you eat every day?

  • E250 – Potassium nitrate. You can find this substance in practically every processed cured meat. It can also be found in chemical fertilizers used in agriculture. It’s also an ingredient of pickling mixes for meats, and gives them that beautiful rosy colour which is … unfortunately, carcinogenic.
  • E407 – Carrageenan. In high concentrations, this can cause flatulence (as is the case with other indigestible polysaccharides) through fermentation by intestinal microflora. Carrageenan with low particle mass is not allowed for use in food products, as it can cause intestinal ulcers.
  • E450 – Sodium and potassium diphosphates. These disrupt the water balance of the body, cause weight gain, and can cause an increase in blood pressure.
  • E621 – Sodium glutamate. An addictive amino acid compound, which is harmful to the brain and disrupts its natural function. It creates an artificial feeling of hunger, which disturbs the normal operation of the brain core, which regulates the most basic functions of our bodies, and is responsible for, among other things, the feeling of hunger.

And this is just a small sample …

The liver, your amazing liver
protects you from all of this

So how is it even possible that we’re still alive?

Only thanks to our livers, which patiently hold back all of these chemicals. Every minute, the liver cleanses one and a half litres of your blood. If it weren’t for the liver, our bodies would succumb to the poison in the blink of an eye.

A MOMENTARY BREAK in the functioning of the liver means that this filter stops working, and toxic substances are spread all throughout our bodies. These irreversibly damage our organs, so this kind of leak must be prevented at all costs!

The liver cleanses the blood of toxins and medicines, but it also catches harmful by-products of the metabolic process, including cholesterol and excess hormones. In addition, it dissolves used up and unnecessary red blood cells, and transforms their colourant, haemoglobin, into bile pigments.

„This doesn’t concern me”

Yeah, just like no one bothers themselves about the cancer warnings on packages of cigarettes, hardly anyone cares about their liver. It still works? So there’s no problem!

But by the time you get to the doctor, it may be too late.

That’s why a heart attack is better than an ill liver. Because everyone knows that something is wrong, and there is a chance to save the patient. But the liver doesn’t give you any warning signs – it only lets you know when it’s probably already too late. Too late to avoid the fear, pain and terror.

Do you want to sit and wait for this to happen? In many cases, the only option is a liver transplant. Unfortunately, not everyone can wait that long.

But there is an alternative:

A natural antidote: it cleanses and repairs an
overworked liver

Do you know what they give to people who have been poisoned by toadstools?

Silymarin. The earlier it is administered, the greater the patient has chances of survival. It’s so good, it’s even used as an antidote for snakebite.

Silymarin repairs the liver by regenerating its cells.
It returns the liver to full form, thanks to which this lifesaving filter
can continue to protect us from toxins.

Silymarin is recommended foremost for people who have undergone:

  • disruptions of liver function (for example, due to a poor diet or diabetes)
  • viral liver inflammation
  • viral hepatitis
  • pancreatitis
  • treatment for alcoholism
  • additionally, this substance is an absolute must for those undergoing treatment for cirrhosis of the liver

How does it work?

  • by neutralising the effects of toxins, chemical medicines and other contaminants which can harm the liver …
  • by preventing harmful chemical substances from entering and remaining in the liver …
  • by reducing the effects of free radicals, which destroy the liver and put our health at risk …
  • by checking the development of compounds which worsen inflammatory states and interfere with the lifesaving work of the liver …
  • by stimulating the flow of bile, which breaks down fats and aids in digestion and excretion …
  • by rebuilding, renewing, and repairing liver cells through the stimulation of protein synthesis …
  • Plus: it has an antispasmodic and diuretic effect, it stabilises the structure of cell membranes, reduces blood cholesterol levels, slows the accumulation of arteriosclerotic plaque, prevents cirrhosis, and prevents gallbladder stone deposits.

A little pick-me-up … for the liver

YES, the liver can rebuild itself. It’s natural regeneration which renews the liver’s efficiency and strength. With silymarin, the liver will be almost like new, because the process of building a whole new generation of cells takes only about 5 weeks.

The question arises of where to get this nutritious Silymarin? It just so happens that the best source is a certain plant whose seeds have amazing properties.

It’s so effective that the German E Commission – a group of leading scientists, toxicologists, doctors and pharmacists who assess medicinal plants in terms of their effectiveness and safety – have officially recognised this plant as a means of treating cirrhosis and chronic liver inflammation.

This makes the plant one of the most effective medicinal plants on the planet.

Those in the know use this
natural method to renew their livers.
Everyone else spends a fortune on medicines, and …

Medicines are chemicals, right?

You can already guess that this means an additional burden on a liver undergoing treatment, one that has to cleanse the blood after every dose of medicine. So how is the poor liver supposed to return to health when it’s abused in this way?

That’s exactly why I’m writing about this natural method of regenerating the liver – a healthy plant, containing the highest available concentrations of Silymarin.

This plant is Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum).

The whole plant contains approximately 2-3% of this marvellous and natural silymarin.

Where to find natural Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is really good for the body. That’s why the internet is full of offers for it, for example on Amazon, eBay or other online auction sites and internet shops, as well as in herbal medicine shops.

A word of warning – don’t buy cheap junk

Although it may seem that different seeds differ only in price, you need to know that there’s a lot more at stake here.

  1. If you really want to help your liver, you need to be sure that the medicine you’re taking is not some ordinary junk. As you already know, liver illness is serious business and there is no place for jokes here.
  2. And one such joke is the low prices offered for Milk Thistle. Although the plant itself may seem to be worth little, cultivating it ecologically costs large amounts of money. You need to have whole seeds with the highest concentrations of Silymarin, and not simply leftovers. The plants must be healthy, but raised without any chemicals, and that involves a lot of work.
  3. What’s more, the seeds of milk thistle must be purified of faecal matter and insect larvae!
  4. And finally, each lot must undergo strict laboratory control, to check its contents and composition, and to make sure that there is no salmonella, E. coli, aflatoxins, yeast colonies, mould or other microorganisms.

So now can you see what makes up the final price and quality of the finished product?

Primvital Lignan – clean and sure

Primvital Lignanny

Primvital Lignan is probably one of the most easily absorbed and cleanest mixtures of milk thistle available on today’s spoiled market.

In stark contrast to most of the material available in herbal medicine shops, Primvital Lignan from Mapa Zdrowia, which can be purchased on this website, is always made with only Premium class lots, checked by specialists from the Hugo Kołłątaj Agricultural University in Krakow.

This guarantees the freshness of the seeds and their bioavailability.

Thanks only to Milk Thistle – biologically active milk thistle – your liver will be able to regenerate itself and begin to work to preserve your health again:

… first and foremost it begins to release the natural reserves of the body to fight fatigue – and to return your stores of energy for the whole day … it improves metabolic fat burning processes, which means that your weight will slowly return to its ideal state without any effort … it will scrub out your arteries and get rid of excess cholesterol … it will help nearly 110 billion cells fill themselves up with life-giving oxygen … and as a global result, you’ll feel better energy, more vitality, and you’ll finally start to live again.

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Additionally, if someone:

  • belches and experiences flatulence after meals,
  • turns down fatty foods because of feeling nausea after eating them,
  • suffers from gallstones,

…… should blame a dysfunctional gall bladder. It isn’t releasing enough bile to digest all eaten meals – and as a result, food stays in the stomach for hours and it's a cause of terrible feeling.

Fortunately, this amazing plant can help in this case too: it encourages the gall bladder to produce bile, thanks to which you experience perfect digestion:

  • irritating reflux and flatulence disappears …
  • you begin to tolerate fatty and tasty meals without painful stomach cramps …
  • and eating with company stops being a source of discomfort …

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

The proof:

Jolanta Komorowska

“Today my husband and I eat the things we love without worrying about tomorrow.”

„“In 2010 I started to suffer from symptoms associated with my gall bladder.

While looking through the internet, I found Primvital Lignan ― and although I didn’t believe it at first and I was very uncertain, I ordered the product.

We both started to use 1 teaspoon a day for 8 or 9 months. Our symptoms disappeared completely -and they had been pretty tiresome, so much so that I had to eat something every two hours in order to keep from feeling pain around my stomach and liver.

Today we both enjoy exceptional health, and we can eat whatever we like with pleasure, and without worrying about the consequences.”


* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

* * *

No photo

“(…) the USG showed that my gallstones have disappeared completely.”

“Hello, my name is Mariola Skiba. I live in Świdnik. I bought Primvital Lignan for my dad, who’d had an attack of gall bladder colic. He was at risk of having to have it removed.

„He used to feel pain around his liver which prevented him from leading a normal life. After a USG test, it turned out that he had small stones in his gall bladder.

At my urging, dad started using Primvital Lignan — 2 teaspoons a day. After just a month the effects were visible – total remission of the colic attacks. Dad used this non-invasive method of dissolving the stones. In the end, after a half a year of using Primvital Lignan, he had a USG test done again. The results showed clearly that the stones had disappeared completely.

Now dad uses Primvital Lignan as prevention, 1 teaspoon a day, and he feels great, especially when compared with how he felt before taking this medicine. I myself have never had problems with my liver or gallbladder, but I decided to take Primvital Lignan as prevention too. I also feel great.”


* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

When was the last time you heard a neighbour so enthusiastically praise conventional methods of treating an ill liver or weakened gallbladder?

Andrzej Ziemiński

“I’m completely over my problems with bowel movements (…)”

“A few years ago, our state of health (my wife and I), was good, but then my wife started noticing symptoms of irritable bowel and pancreas – and I’d had problems with my bile system for years, leading to sporadic episodes of pain.

We consulted a doctor about our problems and found out that they didn’t require more invasive intervention (the USG and biochemical images were without change).

But we found out that a state like this, left untreated for long periods, can lead to serious changes, and so we decided to use the natural, herbal Primvital Lignan treatment. Because of the smart way they operate, we chose the trusted Mapa Zdrowia company.

Both my wife and I use 2 teaspoons of Primvital Lignan daily during our main meal. We noticed the difference after the first month.

The doctor’s diagnosis showed that our digestive enzyme levels had normalised, meaning that our stomachs were digesting our food better. Our troublesome problems with bowel movements disappeared (now they are light and regular). Our flatulence disappeared. Diarrhoea disappeared. Our pains after meals disappeared. And our tolerance for fatty foods increased.

„The comfort of our lives has improved dramatically after using Primvital Lignan, that’s why we recommend it to everyone.”


* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

* * *

Bernadetta Kujda

“My stomach problems ended and I lost a couple of unnecessary kilos.”

“Who would’ve thought that such a small and unassuming thing could have such amazing properties.

Some time ago, my stomach and liver started to hurt me terribly. Nobody knew what was happening.

My friend recommended Primvital Lignan to me – she told me to use 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening.

At first, I wasn’t convinced, but in the end I decided that it’s always worth it to try something new, especially since Mapa Zdrowia offers a money back guarantee if I wasn’t completely satisfied with the results.

Now I know that my friend was right – after about a month of using the product systematically, my stomach problems ended, and what’s more I lost a few kilos too, which I’ll be the first to admit is something that makes a woman happy :).”

~ BERNADETTA KUJDA, Międzyzdroje

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

* * *

Bogumił Lewicki


In July of 2011, I came across some information in the internet about products for lowering cholesterol offered by Mapa Zdrowia. I read up on the subject and decided to buy a treatment for my wife and myself. With the greatest satisfaction, we can say that the information we read turned out to be true.

We’re both retired, aged 75 and 73, and up ‘til then treated mainly with pharmaceuticals, which left us with increasingly unpleasant side effects. We could feel these effects mainly in our digestive and circulatory systems, and hearts. My cholesterol levels when measured in the summer before Mapa Zdrowia were above normal, especially LDLs, and my body could no longer tolerate the medicines that I had been prescribed. That’s why the treatment proposed by Mapa Zdrowia was especially interesting for me, and what’s more, it turned out to be exceptionally effective for my wife and me. We noticed a distinct improvement in our digestion, and our stools became normal and regular.

Encouraged by these great results, we decided to try milk thistle, and ever since then we’ve been using it twice a day; a teaspoon of ground milk thistle together with 2 or 3 teaspoons of Psyllium seed husks mixed with a glass of water. We’re very grateful that the natural products recommended by Mapa Zdrowia give such excellent results. Our stomach problems have disappeared and our livers are working so well that we can completely forget about them – we don’t have to limit our diets, or take Cholamid or other OTC pharmaceutical liver products – and our general feeling of well-being has increased. We can enjoy eating the foods we like without fear of indigestion or other problems.

Our daughter, aged 39, who also experienced liver and stomach problems after an operation to remove her gall bladder, tried milk thistle on our recommendation and felt a real improvement, not only in her digestion, but also in her general state of health.

Thank you very much, we’re grateful for what you are doing for our health.

[Bogumił Lewicki]

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

* * *

Ryszard Świebodzin

“Only Primvital Lignan helped my liver, and it gave me a new, healthier life.”

“A few weeks ago I ordered Primvital Lignan from Mapa Zdrowia.

I started to include it in my daily diet, according to the instructions. Since that time, the state of my liver has improved considerably, and that’s been confirmed by medical tests.

I’d like to add that I’ve been ill for 14 years, and that in that time I’ve taken a multitude of different medicines, but nothing seemed to help much. It was only Primvital Lignan that effectively helped my liver, and gave me a new and healthier life.

I have the medical test results to prove it – that’s why I strongly recommend it to everyone. It’s really worth it.”

~ RYSZARD, Świebodzin

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

* * *

Krystyna Koziarska-Mendonca

“Together with an improvement in my liver, my cellulite has started to disappear (…) and my skin has started to shine.”

“Two years ago, I underwent a treatment with very strong medication which left my liver in a tragic state.

Test results were not the best, and the preparations that I got from the chemist’s didn’t do very much.

Less than three months ago, I started using the Primvital Lignan treatment. After just one month I could see and feel it working:

the sallow colour of my face disappeared, and the liver spots I’d been diagnosed with started to fade, and – much to my surprise – my skin tone improved a lot! I read up on it later and found out that this was because of the Silymarin contained in Primvital Lignan, which blocks androgen receptors in the skin – which is why my skin became shinier, less oily, and with the passage of time smoother.

I also noticed one more pleasant change. Together with the improvement in my liver, my cellulite started to slowly disappear! :) It’s hardly there anymore.

I’m continuing the treatment and I will do so until my results are completely perfect. Many thanks to this amazing product, I’ll sincerely recommend it to other ladies (and men too).”


* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

* * *

Wanda Czerwiec

“My swelling and colic disappeared (…)”

“I suffer from gallstones. The medicines and herbs I’d used before didn’t bring the results I expected. An acquaintance recommended Primvital Lignan from Mapa Zdrowia, and this finally brought not only the results I expected, but some pleasant surprises too.

Currently, my liver is functioning flawlessly: my flatulence and colic have disappeared, my complexion has improved, my swelling has gone down, and my cholesterol levels have even normalised.

I’ve decided to keep on using Primvital Lignan as a prophylactic measure, because its natural and effective, and it doesn’t take up much time to use.

I recommend it to everyone.”

~ WANDA CZERWIEC, teacher, 52 years old

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Other sellers don’t show you the opinions of their customers, most likely because their customers don’t have anything positive to say. Only fresh Primvital Lignan made from Premium ingredients is worth trying.

When you buy on our website, you’re buying directly from Mapa Zdrowia – a company which has been trusted by more than 155.000 people nationwide. We guarantee absolute reliability, with over 11 years on the market. Fast deliveries, by priority post, pay-on-delivery. The real opinions of hundreds of satisfied customers, just a handful of which are published here on our website.


How will you know if
Primvital Lignan is really
regenerating the liver?

u lekarza

You don’t have to take our word for the life-saving effects of Primvital Lignan on your liver and health. * You can prove it for yourself and check its effects in real life …

STEP #1. The day before you start your Primvital Lignan treatment, have tests done and ask your doctor to assess your health.

STEP #2. Start using Primvital Lignan according to the simple instructions that you’ll receive together with the seeds that you’ll be getting from me for a whole month.

STEP #3. After 15 days, have yourself tested again and ask your doctor if there is any improvement. You’ll probably hear something more or less like this: – Well look at this, today’s results are better. What have you been taking? *

Answer any way you think is right!

STEP #4. After 30 days, that is after the recommended treatment period for Primvital Lignan, have yourself tested once again for a third and final time. Most likely you’ll hear this: – “My goodness, I really don’t know what you’ve been taking, but please don’t stop! The results are excellent. In fact, much better than could’ve been expected in such a short time.” *

When you start using Primvital Lignan, already in the first month you’ll start to feel how the irritating symptoms of an overworked liver start to fade away. At the same time, you’ll feel a boost in your active energy – typical of a healthy liver! *

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.


A healthier liver is the missing link to
a more radiant and youthful body –
to health, well-being and vigour!

Polecam Ostropest

From the moment you start supporting your liver with Primvital Lignan, it will become your best ally in protecting your health, and your doctor all in one: it can support your entire immune system and strengthen regeneration processes.

This is because a healthier liver more effectively removes poisonous toxins from the bloodstream, and regenerates the body. BUT that’s not all that a healthy liver can do!

Something more happens at the same time.

When toxins are removed faster … liver cells are regenerated more efficiently … and the circulatory system is scrubbed clean … and a bountiful rush of fresh blood flows through the whole body, bringing oxygen to the brain, muscles and organs … both patients and doctors report that numerous dangerous, chronic and troublesome health problems go away naturally …

… because a healthier, more efficient, and cleaner liver also:

  • Regulates cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It eliminates factors which can lead to a heart attack – claim studies published in Hepatology Daily …
  • Maintains a healthy blood sugar level. And in doing so, protects us from damage to our blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, and the rest of our internal organs …
  • Soothes pains associated with occasional gas, flatulence, indigestion, diarrhoea, and constipation. It lets us enjoy the food that we really love, in amounts that satisfy our appetite …
  • Increases levels of vigour and energy. When dead liver cells are replaced by new ones, low levels of energy are replaced by fresh, new wellsprings of vigour …
  • Stabilises blood pressure. It also maintains the proper level of sugar, which prevents the excess or shortage of glucose. As a result it eliminates morning drowsiness and unexplained fatigue ...
  • Stimulates the body to life. How? By releasing particles of sugars and fats – the two main sources of fuel allowing to remain active all day …
  • Helps maintain a healthy hormone balance by engaging triglycerides. The body uses these to create appropriate amounts of testosterone and oestrogen – and thus correct liver function is a source of libido, thanks to which anyone feels energetic, healthy and also happy …
  • Strengthens the immune system. The liver stores lymphocytes – a type of white blood cell whose role is to fight pathogens and protect us from their undesirable effects …
  • Helps stop bleeding. The blood clotting process is accelerated, to stop excessive bleeding and to activate regeneration processes ...
  • Plus much, MUCH MORE!

Now you can experience these life-changing effects, and enjoy a better life, thanks to the beneficial influence of Primvital Lignan on your liver, and in turn on your health in general …

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Feel the power of Primvital Lignan every day for only
£0.99 – – less than the price of a cup of coffee . . .

If you would like to try our Primvital Lignan mix, I strongly encourage you to order now to get the freshest lots of our Premium product. I’ll make things easy for you, by giving you just two simple choices. The only thing you have to do is to choose one of them …

Option #1, The Best Choice – 3 large packages: a large package ensures the maximum monthly treatment. Altogether, this gives you enough for a three-month regenerative-cleansing treatment for the price of £89.97 – – meaning that the daily cost of revitalising your liver with Primvital Lignan comes out to £0.99, less than a coffee in a restaurant.

Option #2, A Good Choice – 1 large package: one package of fresh Primvital Lignan. In other words, one whole month of treatment – for £29.99 – or £0.99 daily:


1-month treatment
You receive 1 large package of
Primvital Lignan (0.45 kg)



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3-month treatment
You receive 3 large packages



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Just like 155.000 other customers of Mapa Zdrowia,
you’re sure to be satisfied with Primvital Lignan
– if not, we guarantee a full refund

“I regained my lust for life”

Brak fotografii

„I have problems with my liver. For 30 years I’ve worked in an office in a protected work environment because I am handicapped.

"When I read about Primvital Lignan in the internet, I decided to order it and try it out.

"Primvital Lignan has helped me regain my lust for life. My health has improved considerably. The area around my liver has stopped hurting, and my blood sugar levels have evened out.

"A miracle has taken place in my life. I’ve given up all my other liver medications, and now I can eat without fear of pain and indigestion like I used to suffer from.”

~ BERNARDA FRĄCZEK, 48 years old

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

If you have even a shadow of a doubt about anything that I’ve written here … that’s great.

Because scepticism in today’s world is practically a necessity.

And that’s why I’m not asking you believe my claims or the testimonials of Mapa Zdrowia’s customer! The only thing I ask you to do is to give Primvital Lignan a fair chance.

Order it today and include it with your meals for 90 days – THREE WHOLE MONTHS.

If during this time you decide that it’s not what you expected, please write an e-mail to our address at Mapa Zdrowia (complaint@primvital.com) and tell us you’d like your money back.

Aneta will not ask you the reason and she won't try to make you change your mind. She will only ask your name and how you’d like your money refunded.

I take the whole risk on myself – you risk absolutely nothing, so try it now!

Important decision in your life

“It helps my clients (…)”

Maria Piechota

As a natural medicine therapist, masseuse and salon owner, I always place prime importance on smoothly functioning intestines, liver efficiency and a healthy spine.

In my opinion, these are the three keys to health, and my practice is living proof of this.

To save my liver and the livers of my patients, I can always rely on Primvital Lignan. It’s mentioned in many sources as the only remedy for liver ailments, even in the case of the silent killer – hepatitis C.

That’s why in every conversation with patients, I stress the enormous importance for the body of this natural plant. Fortunately, the majority of them listen to my advice and put it into practice.I know that Primvital Lignan helps them, because most of my patients tell me about their incredible improvement.

I myself often toast a handful of seeds on a dry frying pan, and the moment they release their aromatic oils, I eat them like sunflower seeds. I also add them to soups, crèmes and appetizers instead of, for example, pine nuts – the possibilities are endless.

Primvital Lignan is a fantastic complement to black cumin (Nigella sativa), which is a top favourite in my heart and diet.”

~ MARIA PIECHOTA, natural medicine therapist, Warsaw

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Would you repair an expensive watch with a sledgehammer? Probably not. But the liver is much more complicated than any watch!

So why bludgeon it with toxic medicines and invasive – the sledgehammers of the medical world Wouldn’t it be better to let Nature and her own Primvital Lignan be the remedy for an ailing liver?

You’ve seen the opinions of Mapa Zdrowia’s customers. They’re the best proof that Primvital Lignan regenerates, restores, and improves the efficiency of the liver – naturally and safely.

But no one else can take responsibility for your health. The decision is yours and yours alone. And there are only three roads to take:

1) You can simply do nothing. Accept the fact that an exhausted liver won't prevent bad influence of toxins on the health. Have faith in synthetic products which are typically used when it's already too late for the body.

2) ) You can rely on cheap supplements with Milk Thistle, of which your body will absorb only a little because of the fact that these are made of poor quality ingredients.

3) OR you can trust your instincts and give Primvital Lignan a fair chance – thanks to the highest quality ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers with clinically documented purity, and in a month at the latest regenerate your liver and free yourself from pain.

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Thanks to our three-month satisfaction guarantee, you risk nothing and stand to gain everything.

Order now!

Please remember:

  • you receive Primvital Lignan, whose regenerative and cleansing influence on your liver you can enjoy for only £0.99 a day, if you choose the most economical option …
  • you receive three long, full months of satisfaction guaranteed – meaning that for 90 days you can use Primvital Lignan at my risk, and if in this period you’re not completely satisfied with the effects, you’ll receive a full refund …

Ordering is very simple

The only thing you need to do is to click the button below, choose the number of packages you’d like to receive, and fill out the form that appears:


1-month treatment
You receive 1 large package of
Primvital Lignan (0.45 kg)



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3-month treatment
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It will be the best thing you’ve for the health of your liver and gallbladder in years.

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Łukasz D. King
Łukasz D. King,
reporter of Mapa Zdrowia

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1-month treatment
You receive 1 large package of
Primvital Lignan (0.45 kg)



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3-month treatment
You receive 3 large packages



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